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Look at the problem of tool use together with huatian

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  1. cutting parameters can not be large optimization.Operators are not able to make reasonable selection of cutting parameters for different materials.Mainly because the operators are mainly students in school, production experience is relatively insufficient, in the selection of cutting parameters, by experience to choose, cutting parameters did not achieve optimization, resulting in low cutting efficiency.Different materials and different types of cutting tools, the selection of variables in the cutting process is unreasonable.
  2. Excessive tool consumption.The choice of the cutting tool brand of the internship factory is not fixed, often changes the brand, the consumption of cutting tool is too large, thus increasing the input to the cutting tool cost.The heat treatment workpiece of different materials, can not give full play to the cutting performance of the tool, tool consumption is serious.
  3. The processing effect is not ideal.In the actual process of operation, coarse and fine car is often completed by a tool, machining precision is too high, it is difficult to achieve the processing requirements.The quality of the end face in the process of parts processing is not ideal, we hope to have a good solution, or a good choice of tool material.

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